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Roof Cleaning before and after


Roof cleaning will, without a doubt, improve the look of your home, however, there are many other benefits to keeping your roof clean all year round.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

One of the main reasons to keep your roof clean is to enhance its curb appeal. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home, or just want to make a good impression on neighbours, keeping your roof clean can make your house look new again.

If you’re planning on selling your house, having your roof cleaned is a simple and effective way to increase the value of your home. Even if your roof is in good shape a dirty roof can cause buyers to assume that the roof may need expensive repairs. Replacing a roof can cost thousands of dollars and buyers will likely want to subtract this amount from your selling price.

Securing a buyer for your house can take some time. Keeping your roof in great shape during the time your looking to sell is a superb way of ensuring your house sells for its full worth.

Roof Cleaning is an important part of your home maintenance

You may think the only benefit of a clean roof is that it looks better, but this is only the start. Having, a clean roof is an important step in extending the lifespan of your roof and keeping it in the best possible condition.

Your roof can start to show signs of moss and algae growth if left too long without being cleaned. Left unchecked, this unsightly problem can develop further, allowing lichens to grow on your roof.

Not only will your house look completely run down but can also cause damage to the roof’s surface.

Protect Your House Structures

Keeping your roof clean is an important first step in roof maintenance. Keeping algae, moss and lichens at bay, will help maintain your roof in the best condition for longer. Your roof is the first layer of protection against the elements, damage can quickly spread once your roof is no longer in its best condition.

Once your roof is compromised, your home becomes vulnerable to the elements. Rain, hail and Sun can quickly start to damage your home, causing leaks and moisture to seep into your walls. Left unattended, these new problems will eventually cause mould growth inside your home, having an adverse effect on your families health.

Save on Roof Maintenance and Repairs

By keeping your roof clean, you preventing problems that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your roof. The cost to clean your roof is very reasonable compared to replacing your roof. By keeping your roof clean, you’ll extend its lifespan saving on roof maintenance, repairs and replacements.

The average cost of roof cleaning on the Sunshine Coast is approximately $350-750, depending on the size of your roof. Replacing a roof on the other hand can cost between $10000 to $20,000. The cost of your roof cleaning is dependant on the present state of your roof, and its size in square metres, the replacement cost of your roof will depend on the size of your roof, the builders you employ and the quality of your roofing materials.

What’s clear, is the difference in cost between cleaning and replacing a roof very big. Spending $10000 to $20,000 on replacing a roof isn’t something you want to do more often than necessary.

Choosing a Sunshine Coast Roof Cleaner

Now you know the advantages of a roof clean, it’s important to settle on an honest roof cleaner to wash your roof. While you could attempt to clean your roof yourself can be a risky job with a high chance of falls and injury. Hiring a professional can help you get a better result.

When hiring a roof cleaning company on the Sunshine Coast, it’s important to make sure you’re hiring trained professionals. Make certain to ask any contractor you’re considering whether they have insurance coverage and whether their employees have undergone training to ensure they offer quality services and adhere to safety regulations.

Compare the different roof cleaning services offered. Some companies will provide a low pressure “Soft Washing” method to clean your roof. Other companies will only provide a pressure washing service to clean your roof. Some companies like Premier Clean can provide both Soft Washing and pressure washing. Do your research and ensure the company you choose uses a roof cleaning method that you prefer. 


Pressure Washing, Power Washing, and Soft Washing require precautions. 

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, as directed in your instruction manual. 
  • Always ensure others stay clear, as the high-pressure stream of water from a pressure washer can break the skin and cause serious injury to humans and animals. 
  • Refrain from mixing chemicals or cleaners unless the directions specifically tell you to do so. 
  • It is always wise to have another hose nearby that you could quickly use to rinse yourself if need be.

When it comes to roof cleaning, turn to Premier Clean. You can be sure of our experience and dedication to care for your residential and commercial roof cleaning project, big or small.