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Window Washing – The Truth About Hard Water Stains

Window cleaning hard water marks
Window cleaning hard water marks

Window washing – The truth about hard water stains.

Nothing’s as tough on your windows as hard water. Hard water is a term often associated with large cities or very industrialized areas. The truth is hard water can rear its ugly head at any time. Hard water is simply water with high mineral content. It forms when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk. Calcium and magnesium carbonates are the main minerals that make up hard water.


Almost any water that hasn’t gone through a softening process will have trace amounts of these minerals. Many homes have water softeners installed that use sodium to filter the water. This method is enough to make your water taste fine, but it may not be enough to prevent deposits on your windows.


The primary problem homeowners face with hard water is a safe and effective way to remove stains on their windows. Glass is porous; hard water stains are deposits of minerals within the structure of the Glass. There are only a few options to remove these spots. The first would be to use a homemade cleanser of water and white vinegar.



It will not work if you haven’t kept up with this cleaning process or the stains are old. You can find chemicals at any store that will more than likely work if they are applied correctly. Elbow grease and a skilled hand will be needed to remove these stains. If you’re not familiar with the process, you could easily damage or scratch the Glass.



The best way to attack these stains is to hire a professional. The typical hard water stain is too old for the water and vinegar solution to work. Premier window cleaning staff are trained and experienced in this battle. Premier Clean uses a polishing paste specifically designed to fight the minerals that create these stains. The paste is applied to the window by a non-abrasive cleaning pad and gently scrubbed. If the stain is removable, we will remove it. Regular cleaning is a must to maintain your windows and prevent hard water stains. Windows will require regular maintenance, whether you clean them yourself or schedule cleanings with Premier Clean.



A few tricks and tips to help keep the hard water from staining your Glass:

  • Rubbing Alcohol: Mix water with rubbing alcohol and wipe the window. The mixture may remove mild water spots, and it’s great for window maintenance.
  • Toothpaste: Squeeze some toothpaste onto a non-abrasive pad, add some water and lightly apply the mixture to the stain. Rinse the Glass and use a squeegee to remove excess water.
  • Ammonia: Soak a towel into a mixture of ammonia and water, then use it to remove the spots on the Glass. Note that an ammonia solution irritates the eyes and mucous membranes and especially the respiratory and digestive tracts. Some people can also get skin irritation when exposed to ammonia. Be extremely careful when handling an ammonia-based solution, and wear protective clothing like rubber gloves and goggles to prevent injuries.
  • Vinegar: Spray the vinegar into the Glass, and start erasing the spots. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from the vinegar’s acidity.

Not all hard water stains can be removed in that situation; the window may need to be replaced. Replacing a window or mirror can be expensive, so if you see a potential problem with hard water, act quickly!