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How To Clean High Windows

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Cleaning high windows

How To Clean High Windows

Window cleaning your ground-floor windows can be easy, but if you have a second story, you may wonder, how can I clean up there? Not all windows are easily accessible. If you aren’t an expert window cleaner, figuring out how to safely and efficiently clean these windows can be difficult. In this article, we lay out a few methods on how to clean high windows.


Safety Concerns

Safety should be the first thing you consider when attempting to clean hard-to-reach windows. Keeping yourself and your family safe should always be the priority when working around your home. There will always be some risk when you decide to take on the challenge of cleaning difficult-to-reach windows. However, you can limit the chance of accidents if you take some precautions and follow these safety steps before you start.


Firstly, ensure you have all the necessary tools and equipment before you begin the job. Assemble squeegees, buckets, brushes, towels, cleaning supplies, and whatever else you may need for the job. Doing this will minimise the times you’ll need to go back and forth for supplies.


If you need a ladder for the job, ensure it is tall enough to reach higher than the area you are cleaning so you’re not standing on the top few rungs.

The ladder must be secure against the home’s exterior so it won’t shake or wobble. It’s best to have someone holding on at the ladder’s base to keep it steady while you are working. Protective gloves and glasses are always a good idea in case the glass accidentally breaks.


Get an Extendable Pole

If you are attempting to clean higher up or hard-to-reach windows, consider using an extendable pole with a mop attachment. Now you can keep your feet on the ground; this is the safest method to clean tough-to-reach windows. But before starting, look around and be aware of and keep your pole away from any low hanging overhead wires.


Remove the Windows

Another way to clean difficult-to-reach glass is to remove the windows. Taking the windows down from the inside will allow you to clean them without overreaching from a ladder or getting into a difficult position. One of the best ways to get a thorough, complete window clean.


Forget the Ladder

No matter how easy it seems, using a ladder to access difficult-to-reach windows is risky. It’s hard to not only get the right angle to clean the glass but it’s also challenging to maintain a proper balance on a ladder while cleaning. Falling off a ladder can and does cause serious injuries. It’s best to leave cleaning those high, hard-to-reach windows to professionals, like Premier Clean.