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Regardless of whether you live in the city or suburbs, windows, roofs, and siding can get dirty over time. With rain, dust, insects, and birds everywhere, your surfaces are vulnerable. This dirt build-up shouldn’t be an issue for easy-to-reach places. But when it comes to windows that are seemingly impossible to get near, you have to rely on the window cleaning experts — Premier Clean.


We also provide roof washing and house washing services to make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Our soft wash techniques provide gentle, yet effective treatment that only trained professionals can execute. Our expertly educated and insured service professionals take extra precautions around delicate surfaces and landscaping. Window cleaning, house washing, pressure washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning has never been so easy. All you have to do is call! 

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Cleaning your windows is a time-consuming process. Moreover, it can be quite risky when you have to use ladders, tools, and harmful detergents to get the job done. Why not spend your time on what matters more to you and leave the window cleaning to the experts!


Save your time and money while making all your windows look shiny by hiring professional window cleaners. Your home or establishment will have a premium appearance, will have longer-lasting windows, and will have that wow factor that you’ve always wanted. Free yourself of the costly risks associated with cleaning windows, such as accidental falls and breakage. Let Premier Clean handle your windows!

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Why Window Cleaning Is Important

They Are the Eyes of Your Establishment

Unlike other parts of your home or establishment that don’t demand that much cleaning, your windows are different. They are super visible compared to your ceiling or walls. People intentionally look at your windows to get a glimpse of your interior or use its reflective properties to check themselves. When it’s dirty, your establishment can look uninviting and uninspiring.


Making sure your windows are clean will give your home or business a positive first impression and a curb appeal. For homeowners, clean windows can translate to a happy, healthy, and proud family; for business owners, it can mean getting more customers into your store. With Premier Clean, your establishment can look exceptional. Your windows can look their best with our eager window cleaning team on the ready.

Make Your Home Shine | Get the Premier Clean Experience Today!

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When it comes to soft wash, pressure washing, window cleaning and other exterior services; Premier Clean is the only right choice. We have been in this industry for over ten years, servicing the happy and lovely people of the Sunshine Coast. We aim to make every cleaning project enjoyable and stress-free. Once you experience our service, we are confident that you’ll choose us for life. 


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Make Your Home Shine | Get the Premier Clean Experience Today!

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