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Pressure cleaning building exterior

Pressure cleaning commercial buildings exterior

Our team of professionals treat every business like it’s their own. We specialise in first impressions. Commercial building washing is the best way to add curb appeal. A clean building gives clients the perception of a clean and well-run organisation. Why? Because cleaner is always better. Would your clients rather walk into a clean or dirty building?


Why Choose Us

Whether you maintain residential or commercial properties, office buildings or car parks, Premier Clean is here and ready to clean them when things get dirty!  


Increased Curb Appeal

The way your building looks really does matter! Commercial pressure washing cleans and restores your exterior surfaces to look like new. Increase curb appeal and staff morale by keeping your building’s exterior clean and sanitised.


Peace Of Mind

Our focus; get it done right; get it done quickly. We listen to you and tailor our cleaning programs to include all aspects, and our schedules cater for your specific facility’s cleaning needs and requirements to ensure we remain on time and budget.


Avoid Injuries and Accidents

Your first responsibility as an owner or manager of a property is the safety and well-being of your guests, employees and visitors. Maintaining clean surroundings is one way to do all of the above. Clean surfaces present better, are less slippery and provide an overall aesthetic look desired by all.



Curb appeal and perceived value go hand-in-hand. The outside of your building tells the story of what consumers believe to be the inside. Commercial pressure cleaning services are the best way to influence consumer behaviour and perception of your business. Whether it’s a storefront, apartment complex or office, a clean building is a happy building for all!



Pressure cleaning is all about finding the proper pressure and cleaning solution. Pressure cleaners, when misused, can wreak havoc on your building’s surfaces. The good news, after cleaning over 100,000 sqm of commercial property, we’ve become pretty good at pressure cleaning.


Knock It Off Your List

Commercial pressure cleaning is a necessary service important to many parts of your business. From employee morale to shopper behaviour, your decisions as a manager or owner directly reflect that of your customers. Calling Premier Clean takes the guesswork out of cleaning. 


One call to Premier Clean is all it takes to make your building look new again!