Safety Tips For Window Cleaning

high window cleaning

Window cleaning is such a rewarding task since, at the end of it all, it leaves your home clean and allows more natural light to flood your space. However, it can be dangerous when the proper safety measures are not instituted. Here, we give you a complete guide to cleaning your windows efficiently and safely.

Safety matters in Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows, especially at heights, can become a high-risk job, with hazards such as falling, injury from broken glass, and harsh chemical poisoning. But if you follow the correct safety procedures, these common hazards can be reduced, and the cleaning process can be completed without hitches.

Window Washing Preparation

Get the Right Tools

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools:

Ladder: Ensure you have a firm, balanced ladder to reach the height you are working at.
Cleaning Solution: Commercial window cleaner or mix of water and dishwashing liquid.
Squeegee: This is an essential tool for Windows without streaks.
Bucket: Where your cleaning solution is.Gloves and Protective

Gloves and Eyewear: The two help protect the hands and eyes from chemicals and debris.

Extension Poles: Useful for windows that are too high so you don’t strain to reach them.

Check Your Tools

Check all your equipment for damage or wear. A defective ladder or a shattered squeegee could easily be the beginning of an accident. Just make sure everything is in correct, working order before starting.

Ladder Safety

Place Your Ladder

Place your ladder on solid ground or use ladder levellers to prevent it from sinking or tipping into the soft earth. The correct angle at which the ladder should lean is 4:1, 4 metres up:1 metres out. (Safework NSW)

Ascending and Descending

Three points of contact should always be maintained on the ladder—for example, two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand. Do not overreach or lean out to the side, as this could cause the ladder to topple.

Ladder Inspection

The ladder should be carefully inspected for damages or deformations in the rungs and also for screws that might have loosened. 

Cleaning Techniques

Correct Use of Cleaning Chemicals

When working with chemical cleaners, use gloves and wear protective eyewear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to dilute and apply. Do not mix different chemicals; this can give off dangerous fumes.

Squeegee Method

Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish. Begin at the top of the window and drag down the squeegee in a single straight line. Wipe the squeegee blade with a cloth after each pass to avoid streaking.

Dealing with High Windows

For high windows, you can use an extension pole with a squeegee so you don’t have to climb too high or overreach while cleaning.

Safety Post Cleaning

Right Tool Storage

Safely store tools after use. Close and secure the ladder from falling. Cleaning solutions should be stored away from the reach of children and pets.

Checking Windows

Do check if your windows sustained any damage while cleaning, such as a crack or loose panes. Get these repaired immediately to keep the windows in place for safety.

More Safety Tips

Do not Clean Windows in Bad Weather

Rain, snow, or strong winds might make window cleaning more dangerous. Plan to clean on a dry day with a bit of wind.

Hire Professionals for Inaccessible Windows

If the window is too high or unsafe to reach it, it’s worth considering hiring professionals for such services since they have the skills and equipment to do this.

Hydrate and Take Breaks

Window washing can be a physically demanding action. Keep hydrated and take breaks with some frequency; never overexert yourself.

Window cleaning doesn’t need to be hazardous. With the following safety tips, you’ll guarantee that every window washing is done safely and effectively. Remember safety first, no matter what. Cleaned windows are good, but cleaning them safely is even better. 


With proper equipment, technique, and safety considerations, window cleaning can be straightforward. Proper preparation, the correct use of equipment, and the required dose of attention to the surroundings will help you clean windows with a sparkle but without compromising safety. Happy cleaning!