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7 Things Never to Do When Pressure Cleaning Your Home

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7 Things NOT To Do When Pressure Cleaning Your Home

Pressure cleaning your home might seem like a task that anyone could do, hire a cleaner and get to work. A pressure cleaner seems like a powerful hose that anyone could operate and do well. A pressure cleaner is a powerful tool that requires experience and skill to use safely. This article lays out some things you should never do if you use a pressure washer on your home. 


1 – Disregard Safety Concerns  

The number one thing you need to avoid when pressure cleaning a home is ignoring safety before and during the cleaning. To help ensure you complete the cleaning process safely, always wear protective gear. Ensure the area you’re going to clean is clear of any debris. Secure or remove any loose items before you clean. Understand how to use the machine. Pay attention to your surroundings.  


2 – Apply Too Much Pressure  

It’s always best to start a pressure cleaner at the lowest possible pressure to give you a feel for how the machine operates. Beginning with the washer turned on, full blast could not only damage your home, but it might also lead to serious injury if it gets out of your control. Starting slow and adjusting the pressure will help you manage the force and operate the cleaner safely.  


3 – Start with a Tight Pattern  

When cleaning with a pressure cleaner, always begin by using wide, even strokes; this is another excellent way to help you adjust to the power and get used to it before you start focusing on smaller areas. Long strokes will help protect your home, spreading the pressure over a larger surface area.  


4 – Blast Directly into Corners  

Never aim the pressure cleaner directly into a corner; this will direct the flow right back at you and could result in an injury to your eyes, head or face if a piece of debris dislodges. At the least, you’ll end up with soaking wet clothes. Wash each side of the corner using slow, even strokes to clean each side.


5 – Use Water Only  

Use a combination of detergent and tap water in your pressure washer. Depending on the cleaning solution’s strength and potency, a 50/50 ratio often works best. The water in a power washer is merely the vehicle that delivers the cleaning product; it should not substitute it. Using only water will not give you the clean new look you want by pressure cleaning your home.  


6 – Clean Windows First  

It’s highly recommended you clean your windows after pressure washing your home. The pressure cleaner spray is difficult to contain and will not always be exactly where you want it to be. You will get water and other debris on your windows when washing the house, and it is best to clean your window after pressure cleaning to avoid doing them twice.  


7 – Ignore Electrical Hazards  

Never ignore electrical outlets or loose electrical connections on the side of your home. If not correctly sealed, these can quickly become fire hazards when pressure cleaning. Be sure to cover any potential electrical issues before you begin pressure cleaning.  


Professional Pressure Washing 

While doing your pressure cleaning may seem like a way to save some money, the potential problems and not worth the savings. Premier Clean has the experience and equipment to safely and effectively pressure cleaning your home. All work is guaranteed, so you can feel safe and secure knowing that a professional is handling your job.